Hi. I'm Claudia Snell.

Eater of Chocolate. Drinker of Coffee. Shaver of Yaks.

Where I am this morning

collage of flowers from my garden: strawberries, fuschia, bleeding hearts, pansies, dahlias and sedum

Coffee in the garden this morning. Enjoying the flowers. Listening to birds. Watching baby chipmunks play. Thinking. That’s where I am this morning.

Tomatoes in my garden

I haven’t tried to grow ‘food things’ other than rosemary before and was expecting the tomatoes to die. They haven’t and now there are lots of tomatoes. Go, me!

A bunch of green tomatoes .

Reading List: June 16

This has a lot of interesting and helpful information. I’m still reading and processing it all, to be honest.
When Responsive Images Get Ugly by Taylor Hunt.

Check out how nice this interview with Jeffrey Zeldman looks.
 Typelab interview with Jeffrey Zeldman.

“Research by Google seems to show that 90% of users switch between devices during a transaction online.” – and many other useful things to keep in mind while we build our ‘web stuff’.
Mind the Gap by Paul Boag

The Book Club for People Who Don’t Read Fast by Morten Rand-Hendriksen. YAY! Finally a book club I can join and not feel terrible for not being able to keep up.

Fatherlessday.org by Scott Berkun: a support site for those who have a difficult time at Father’s Day due to less-than-ideal relationships with their fathers.

Why you do your best thinking in the shower:  Interesting thoughts and some good tips on how to leverage the ideas you get when your mind is allowed to think freely.