I’m Claudia. A web designer, front-end developer & WordPress specialist.

Funko POP version of me wearing a motorcycle jacket, holding a laptop, and accompanied by 2 funko kitties. A grey tabby and a black cat to represent Anakin and Kubrick, my cats that are always in my studio while I'm working.

This is me as a Funko Pop!

She’s part of my ever-growing collection that I keep in my office. The tiny cats are Pop! versions of my two “co-workers”, Anakin and Kubrick.

This is my blog.

  • Hello World. Again.

    I’m restarting my blog. Again.

  • Making Friends With Git

    The topic of learning git and how weird it can be comes up from time to time and, while I’m not an expert on every git thing, I do have a few resources and tips on what I did to get used to using it. I figured it was about time to start putting this…