Hello. I’m Claudia Snell

I’m a web designer, producer and photographer from Worcester, MA. Details about what I do are posted on my LinkedIn profile.

My Work, Elsewhere

My site and blog about my photography is angleofview.com. I also blog about Worcester, MA and our Turtle Boy statue. I post my photos on Flickr, Vimeo, Instagram: @worcturtleboy , @claudiasnellphoto and @claudiasnell

Speaking & Events

Angle of View

Photography has been a big part of my personal and professional life for over 10 years. I decided it was time to separate that work from my web work and create a website exclusively for it. Angle of View is my website where I’ll be posting my photo/video projects and things I’m learning.

Visit: angleofview.com

Worcester Turtle Boy

Worcester Turtle Boy is my blog about Worcester, MA. I started the site in 2007 after one of my photos of the Burnside Fountain (AKA Turtle Boy) started getting a lot of traffic (mostly from people who are amused by the statue).

In 2010, the site became the online presence for the Worcester Turtle Boy Urban Gardeners, a volunteer group that took care of the garden around the statue between 2010 and 2013.

The site has evolved again and is now my blog about Worcester, MA replacing my older blogs, iloveworcester.org and imfromworcester.com (archived at worcester.claudiasnell.com)

Visit: worcesterturtleboy.com


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