WCAG Color Contrast Checker

Contrast Ratio is a simple, useful tool that helps you make sure your text and background have enough contrast. Originally developed by Lea Verou and published under the MIT license and brought back to its original glory by Moritz Geissmann.

Read it here: Contrast-ratio.org - WCAG Color Contrast Checker

Using px units for spacing

This post by Ashlee Boyer is sort of related to another article of hers about fixed heights and widths on css containers that I had shared previously. That post outlined why absolute units aren’t the best choice for container elements.

This post outlines how using absolute units can be helpful when setting spacing on your site.

Read it here: Why You Should Use px Units for margin, padding, & other spacing techniques

The ideal viewport doesn’t exist

Before you commit to fixed headers and/or footers, consider how much content your users will actually be able to see in less than ideal conditions

First thing I have to say is that this site is beautiful to look at. The second is that it’s full of great, helpful information.

Read it here: The ideal viewport doesn’t exist

LH Units Are Cool

The lh unit isn’t one I’ve heard much about. It’s a relative unit that’s “equal to the computed value of line-height“. Andy Bell’s post shows how lh could be useful for sizing and aligning icons.

Read it here: LH Units Are Cool

Fixed heights/widths on CSS Containers

specifying CSS height values for elements like buttons, setting height or max-height can actually put you at risk for failing WCAG 2.2 Success Criterion 1.4.4 Resize Text.

Ashlee Boyer

Read it here: Don't Use Fixed CSS height or width on Buttons, Links, or Any Other Text Containers