The IndieWeb for Everyone

I’m seeing more and more posts about IndieWeb, the return of blogging, and disillusionment with social media. Partially because I’m looking for them but also, there definitely seems to be a general feeling that the way we’re using the web is going through some big changes (again).

I think we’re at a special moment right now. People have been fed up with social media and its various problems (surveillance capitalism, erosion of mental health, active destruction of democracy, bla bla bla) for quite a while now. But it needs a special bang to get a critical mass of users to actually pack up their stuff and move.

Max Böck

This post discusses some of the challenges and opportunities for building something new and (hopefully) better.

Read it here: The IndieWeb for Everyone

Curation is the last best hope of intelligent discourse

The return of RSS and POSSE points to a revival of the personal website ecosystem that thrived in the early blog era. Writers, researchers, technologists and more are relaunching their independent homepages, complete with feeds, as both a public notebook and a channel for sharing insights.

Joan Westenberg

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